What is a Fluted Panel?

One of the most popular and sought-after wall designs is the fluted panel. utilised frequently on the wall with linear designs that will act as the focal point of the living space.

Engineered wood fibres with polyethylene densities are used to create fluted wall panels.

It frequently mimics the appearance of real wood because it is made of wood fibres and normally has a wooden finish.

However, Fluted Wall Panel is resistant to termites, water, and mould thanks to a combination of polystyrene materials.

Top Benefits of Fluted Wall Panels.

1. Its clean, peaceful, and unwinding natural earth tone finish.

2: It is incredibly strong and impervious to water, termites, and mould damage.

3. It gives walls depth and texture, turning them into a sophisticated aesthetic element that blends nicely with all styles.

4: It embodies nature and is eco-friendly. It has a sense of warmth and welcome due to its smooth, crisp, and continuous lines.

5: It is a popular choice for business and home decorating because it requires little maintenance.

6: Architects and interior designers also utilise them as partition walls because they are not just for walls.

7: To accommodate any home design concepts, you can repaint it.

8: A Fluted Panel's grooves between each vertical slat lessen the amount of sound waves that bounce off the walls.

16 Jan 2023